Sexual Harassment Webinar

Headshots for Emma, Shiwali, Maha By The Learning Network
August 28, 2018 5:15 pm

This webinar will discuss sexual harassment/assault on school campus, specifically pertaining to the experiences of girls of color. The webinar will provide tools for schools to develop more culturally responsive policies and practices. Three experts will discuss the latest research and developments and examine a case study that can serve as a model of how schools can work with the community to form policies that are more responsive to their concerns.

Shiwali Patel, Senior Counsel at the National Women’s Law Center, will provide a national overview of Title IX litigation and research to demonstrate how sexual harassment is affecting girls of color in schools. Emma Mayerson, Founding Executive Director of the Alliance for Girls, and Maha Ibrahim, Staff Attorney of Equal Rights Advocates will describe their experience participating in a community-led effort in Oakland that resulted in an innovative new policy that responds to girls’ direct suggestions and needs and now serves as a model to many schools.

Attendees will learn more about sexual harassment responses at the national and local level, and acquire tools to create policy reform that better responds to the specific needs of girls of color in their community.


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