The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Survey Toolkit For Providers

ACEs Toolkit for Providers By National Crittenton
December 18, 2018 12:05 pm

National Crittenton (TNCF) believes that the ACE Survey is a valuable tool that harnesses the power of data to foster social change.

In 2012, TNCF coordinated a pilot to administer the Adverse Childhood Experiences Survey to more than 1,350 males and females who were receiving a diverse array of services and supports from 18 participating Crittenton agencies. Dr. Vincent Felitti, co-principal investigator of the original ACE Study, provided advice to us throughout this process.

The interest in using the ACE survey grew out of a frustration with agencies’ inability to adequately convey to other service providers, funders, policy makers and others the depth of the complex trauma that many of the girls and young women in our agencies have experienced, particularly young mothers and their children. We were excited about the potential of the simple survey to tell us more about the childhood adversity and resulting trauma experienced by those young people supported by Crittenton agencies.

The results of the first administration of the ACE survey confirmed that the scores of the girls and young women we support are unusually high.

This toolkit includes the following documents developed as a result of our experience. While a focus on girls, young women and their families unites the Crittenton family of agencies, the vast
majority of agencies also support boys and young men. To ensure their broadest possible use, we have modified the components of this tool kit included here using gender-neutral terminology,
with the clear recognition that ACE and the resulting trauma are different in frequency, response and needed intervention for girls and boys.

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