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icon of a brain By Turnaround for Children
January 1, 2019 2:48 pm

There is a connection between adversity, stress and academic performance. Children often endure stress from adverse experiences, such as exposure to violence, loss of a loved one, racial discrimination and homelessness. Unfortunately, most schools aren’t designed or equipped to address the impact of stress on learning.

Adversity doesn’t just happen to children, it happens inside them. Stress gets inside their brains and bodies with risks to health and learning. The good news is the brain is malleable. We can use science to address what stress does to children and to schools.

Turnaround for Children recently published two papers on the science of learning and development for children: specifically the science of stress, adversity, and trauma.

Malleability plasticity and individuality How children learn and develop in context

Drivers of human development How relationships and context shape learning and development

You can also watch this video where Dr. Pamela Cantor explains the science of adversity and how we can use this information to design better learning environments.

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