Renewed push underway to expand California’s ban on some suspensions

Photo of school sign for Main Office By David Washburn, EdSource
March 7, 2019 2:51 pm

Hoping for a friendlier response from Gov. Gavin Newsom than she got from Jerry Brown, state Sen. Nancy Skinner is again proposing legislation that would ban out-of-school suspensions in all grades for student behavior deemed “defiant and disruptive” by school authorities.

If Skinner’s bill, SB 419, passes the Legislature, it will mark the third time this decade that a ban on these suspensions — which data show are disproportionately meted out to students of color, LGBT students and those with disabilities — has reached the governor’s desk.

In 2012, Gov. Brown vetoed a bill calling for a K-12 ban. In 2014, he signed a bill that shrunk the ban to only include grades K-3. But he brandished his veto pen again last year after the Legislature passed a K-8 ban proposed by Skinner, a Democrat who represents Berkeley, Oakland and other East Bay cities.


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