Trauma-Sensitive Schools Conference

By Attachment & Trauma Network
August 12, 2019 5:50 pm

3rd National Creating Trauma-Sensitive Schools Conference

February 18-20, 2020  |  Atlanta,GA  | Conference | LEARN MORE

Join over 1,800 educators from across the country and around the world to learn more about the trauma-informed education movement and how to Create Trauma-Sensitive Schools! The Attachment & Trauma Network, Inc. (ATN) hosts this yearly conference to give all educators – teachers, administrators, and school personnel – as well as other child-serving professionals, community leaders, and parents an opportunity to explore the importance of trauma-informed care for in schools and other child-serving environments. Through the ACEs studies and neurological research, we now know how significantly early trauma impacts a child’s ability to learn and develop and the importance of addressing the complexities of childhood trauma in schools.

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