PUSHOUT: The Criminalization of Black Girls in Schools

By Becca Shopiro
September 25, 2019 3:19 pm

PUSHOUT: THE CRIMINALIZATION OF BLACK GIRLS IN SCHOOLS is a feature length documentary that takes a deep dive into the lives of Black girls and the practices, cultural beliefs and policies that disrupts one of the most important factors in girls’ lives – education.

This documentary, recently premiered at the Congressional Black Caucus, is based on the critically acclaimed book by one of the founders of our Learning Network, Dr. Monique W. Morris. The film looks at the criminalization and miseducation of Black girls that has led to their alarming high school dropout rate and increase into the juvenile justice system and examines what it will take to make certain these vulnerable youth are not dismissed as throwaway kids.

Read more at pushoutfilm.com

Attend an Upcoming Screening:

  • Feb 4 – Philadelphia, PA
  • Feb 6 – Detroit, Michigan
  • Feb 7 – Portland, OR
  • Feb 8 – Oxon Hill, MD
  • Feb 9 – New Brunswick, NJ
  • Feb 12 – San Marcos, TX
  • Feb 19 – Macon, GA
  • Mar 5 – Davis, CA
  • Mar 20 – Orlando, FL
  • Mar 26 – Cleveland, OH


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