PUSHOUT Film Learning Module 6: Adultification Bias

By Georgetown Law Center on Poverty and Inequality
October 17, 2019 3:17 pm

Jamilia Blake and Rebecca Epstein from Georgetown Law Center on Poverty and Inequality conducted an important study of how adultification bias impacts Black girls. Their research found that adults perceive Black girls to be more “adult-like” than their white counterparts. Their study asked questions such as, ”Do Black girls need protection?” They found that not only did adults view Black girls as young as five as less deserving of protection and nurturing, the disparities in perception peak when girls are between the ages of 10- 14. According to the study, adults view Black girls as someone who “knows better.” Adult biases affect Black girls without them knowing it, so it is imperative that adults recognize their implicit biases so as to treat all girls equitably.

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