PUSHOUT Film Learning Module 4: Practical Tools

By Columbus City Preparatory School for Girls
October 17, 2019 3:11 pm

Columbus City Preparatory School for Girls is changing the rules to help their students better understand themselves and their behaviors in relation to school discipline. Principal Stephanie L. Patton explains how by changing what is worth disciplining such as an eye roll or “attitude” and finding what is at the root of the problem, teachers and administrators can avoid relying on exclusionary discipline to restore community to the classroom. Taking the time to make individual plans for each student when they become frustrated or upset will result in changed behavior. When you give young people tools such as journaling, making a call to their trusted adult ally, parent, or even taking a short walk, they learn how to manage their emotions. Instead of taking disciplinary action such as suspension and expulsion, students learn to use problem-solving methods they can further utilize in the future.

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