4 Issue Briefs: Mental Health & Girls of Color

Mental Health and Communities of Color for Release By The Learning Network
December 18, 2019 3:47 pm

– Set of 4 Briefs on Mental Health and Girls of Color –

In partnership with Dr. Kimberlyn Leary, Senior Scholar with our Center and Associate Professor at Harvard University, we are pleased to announce the release of a set of four issue briefs assessing the challenges and successes of school-based mental health care for girls of color and analyzing the broader context of mental health and communities of color.

Please click on the links to access each brief:

1. Mental Health and Communities of Color;
2. Mental Health and Girls of Color;
3. The Promise and Challenge of School-Based Mental Health Care for Girls of Color; and
4. Mental Health, School-Based Health Centers, and Girls of Color: Policy and Practice Recommendations.

The policy and practice recommendations presented in these briefs comprise a set of proposals to enhance mental health outcomes for girls of color and support them to thrive.

These briefs were made possible by the generous support of the 4Girls Foundation.

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