Teacher Training: Online Restorative Justice Practices To Help Girls Connect During the Pandemic

By The Learning Network
April 30, 2020 12:09 pm

Restorative justice practices (RJ) are increasingly common in schools—used not only to repair harm, but also to build community and improve wellbeing. RJ strengthens relationships among peers and with teachers, providing a safe space to connect. During this time of quarantine and lock-downs, online RJ circles can provide a critical bridge to keep girls connected.

Co-led by Heather Sattler, an educator, RJ practitioner and trainer, and Kataunie Sims, an RJ Student Leader, this presentation taught RJ work through the experience of a virtual circle; they opened the session with the context and originals of RJ practices, held a small circle with six volunteers, and closed the circle with a Q&A session.

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