Restorative Practices Two-Part Training Series

By The Learning Network
June 17, 2020 3:28 pm

In this training series, attendees learned the basics of how to conduct community-building circles and put plans into practice with feedback from youth leaders.

RECORDING: Basics of Restorative Practices in School: How to Conduct Circles to Build Community

In this session, members learned the basics of community building through classroom circles, the various tiers of circles, and how to script circles. Exercises included reviewing a sample circle script, mapping out a circle, and discussing the activities within the small group and larger presentation forum.

RECORDING: Restorative Practices in School: Youth-Led Circles & Hands-on Practice

In this session, members learned about the Youth Apprenticeship Model and participated in a scenario-based circle exercise led by students. After a discussion with the whole group, participants joined breakout rooms in smaller groups to discuss and complete a circle planning template.


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