Assistant Professor, University of California San Francisco

monica mclemore's headshot

Monica McLemore is an Assistant Professor at the Family Health Care Nursing program at the University of California San Francisco. Her program of research is focused on understanding the factors that contribute to inequities in women’s reproductive health and justice.

The goals of her research are three fold: 1) to improve patient outcomes, 2) to improve access to care, and 3) to improve patients’ experiences of their care. Reproductive Justice (RJ) is an intersectional framework that posits individuals have a right to abortion, a right to parent, a right to parent the children they have, and a right to disassociate sex from reproduction (Ross & Sollinger, 2017). This framework is the roadmap that guides all of her research, which can be categorized into four content areas area, namely, interrogating the context and content of care, evaluating providers of care, determining baselines of quality care, and generating evidence to inform policies that impact care.